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SITE123 är den enklaste webbplatsskaparen som dessutom är helt gratis! Vi har utvecklat allt som passar en företagswebbplats för att göra processen mycket snabbare. Skapa en perfekt hemsida på mindre än en timma!

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Om du är en frilansande webbdesigner, webbansvarig, marknadsföringskonsult, företagskonsult, SEO-expert eller designer, är SITE123 expertprogram något för dig!

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What is the Experts Program?

SITE123 Experts program allows web designers, webmasters, freelance website builders, internet marketing experts, and business consultants to build websites for their customers using SITE123 platform while earning high commissions! Increase your revenue by building websites and get them online within just a few hours with the easiest website builder platform.

Is it free?

Yes! The subscription fee is $0 - signing up is totally free. All you need to do to get in the program is simply click on the ‘JOIN NOW’ button on the top of this page, and fill out a subscription form. Once you are signed in you can start building custom websites for your clients with the top leading website design technology. There is no subscription fee at all, it is completely free to be an active Expert with SITE123.

Who can join the program?

Anyone can join the program! Whether you are a freelancer, a web designer, a blogger, a webmaster, an internet marketing expert or a business consultant, getting high revenues and more funds by building custom websites has never been easier. Join the SITE123 Experts Program and get great benefits today!

What are the commissions that the Experts Program offers?

The SITE123 Experts Program is one of the most profitable programs out there. For every website you build you can earn between $50-$182! The commission rate increases relative to the package type and duration. When you go premium with an advanced package for a year you get 110$, and for 3 years for a Gold plan you will receive 182$! To see the commission rates simply access your Expert Panel.

How do I get my commissions?

Getting your commission is very simple, you can request your payment by a simple click. To claim your commission access your Expert Panel and click on ‘Request Payment’ in the ‘Payment Request’ page. You can submit a withdrawal request when reaching a minimum balance of 300$ and the payment will be sent to your PayPal account. As opposed to other experts programs, as part of SITE123 Experts Program you work directly with us, which means there are no intermediary fees whatsoever - you receive the full payment without any third-party interference.

What other benefits the SITE123 Experts Program offers?

SITE123 Experts Program is one of the most rewarding Experts programs out there, providing you with a comprehensive solution for making innovative websites while earning great commission and many other benefits to grow your business workload. Some of the benefits are:

Free website - Once you have your first paying customer with SITE123, we will give you a free Gold package for your own site! SITE123 gives you the most advanced SEO tools, analytics and design features to ensure that you generate qualified leads for your business in no time.

Branding your business - SITE123 gives you the opportunity to add your business logo, as well as your website name and link in your customer’s website footer. You can build a custom website and have it branded with your logo and link your website to promote your brand, expand your portfolio and generate more leads for your business.

All features open - As an Expert, your customer’s websites are opened with all of the features and design options the website builder platform has to offer. This means that you start building your customer’s website with SITE123’s top features and tools.

Customer review - SITE123 gives you many options for streaming your work progress to your customer. Customer websites you open can be completely visible to the customer, or set as password protected to share your work with your customer privately.

Designated Account Manager - SITE123 Experts are assigned with a skilled account manager to assist you with any issue and invest in empowering your business.

What is the Expert Panel?

SITE123 designed a custom dashboard for Experts in which they can see and manage their commission and customer websites. This dashboard is called the ‘Expert Panel’ and it can be reached by clicking on ‘Account’ > ‘Experts Program’. The Expert Panel is constantly active and updated 24/7, so you can tightly monitor your personal information, your customer websites, approved commissions and any other information relevant to the program. Within your Expert Panel you can set your Expert profile, request payment, use your free Gold website and simply manage your workflow.

How do I get started?

After signing in, we recommend that you start by opening a client website and exploring the vast editing and design tools we offer. To open a website for your customer simply click on ‘New Website’ in your dashboard and choose ‘Create a new website for my client’. In SITE123's website you may find examples for amazing websites built using the SITE123 platform and ready-made templates that you can use freely. All you need to do once you have an Expert account is to build and upgrade customer websites from your account, the rest you can leave to us.

How does the program work?

The Experts Program work process is simple and very productive. All you need to do to get the Expert benefits is to open client websites > design and build them > upgrade the sites. That’s it. Experts can keep managing their websites from their own account and have them updated and efficiently monitored. Once a customer site is upgraded we approve the commission and it is updated in your Expert Panel. After having your first paying customer you unlock a free Gold package that you can use for your own website.

How can I get support?

SITE123 Experts are assigned with a dedicated account manager who will be available and responsive to any Expert related issue at the mailbox experts@site123.com. Our account managers are here to assist you with achieving your business goals using a variety of tools available with SITE123. Our live chat support team is available 24/7 to assist you and your customers with any technical issue or question. SITE123 gives you full-time support for anything you need.

How do I sign up?

Signing up to the SITE123 Experts Program is effortless, you only need to fill out a short form. To sign up to the program scroll up to the top of this page and click in 'JOIN NOW’. In case you already have an account with SITE123 go to your dashboard, click on ‘Account’ > choose ‘Experts Program’ and fill out the short registration form. Congratulations! You are now an Expert with SITE123.

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