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Latest Updates 07/06/17

Please find below the list of updates:

New! Multi-language

  • A fantastic multilanguage tool now allows you to manage one website in many languages. Create your default language website and let the system auto-translate it for you to other languages, with the option to set specific flag Icon and language name to each.

    Main Websites Panel

New! Shipping & Tax

  • Now you can set regions, shipping method, store pickup option, handling fees and tax rate in your online store.

New! 3 Steps Order Process

  • We improved the process of completing orders in the store. Now, with the three steps process, the customer can enter his info, set delivery options (from the new shipping and tax tool) and finally complete his payment.

    Website Dashboard

New! Secure Checkout

  • We've added a secure checkout to the order process in the store. Now your customers can be sure that the checkout is secured.

    Website Grouping Tool

New! Accept Payments using Stripe / 2checkout

  • Now you can integrate your Stripe or 2Checkout account to accept payments securely from your customers using credit cards and other payment methods.

New! Custom Iframe

  • We've added the option to embed an external code on your website using our new custom Iframe URL page.

    Store Product Options

New! Post Schedule

  • Now you can create a post on your blog, and schedule it to display on a later date. This way, you can control the information that you want to share with your visitors, without the need to manually upload new posts on the exact date.

    Product Custom Text

Advanced Editor - Image Library Tool

  • We have added the option to choose an image from our free image library, to all the pages that have the advanced editor. It will save you time helping you to fill your site with a great content without the need of spending money buying images.

    Store Settings

Jobs Page Improvements

  • We have added the option to set up to 5 email receivers in the "Jobs" page. Now you can make sure all relevant receptions get the email at the same time. We have also added the advanced editor to the "Jobs" page as well to allow full customization of your Job description, requirements and more. Finally, now every Job can be viewd seperately as a unique page.

    Color Picker Tool

Edit and Preview Shortcuts

  • We've added a shortcut Icons to allow quick editing or pre-viewing of pages.

    Multiple Email Receivers

Search Tool on Items

  • A search option was added to all the pages that has Items. Now, you can easily search for a keyword or content that you wish to edit.

Multiple Email Receivers

Blog Page - New Layouts!

  • We've added a new and unique "Blog" layout that shows only the posts titles. Another layout that shows the latest post aligned to center on the top, was added as well.

    Main Websites Panel

Contact Us Page - New Layouts!

  • We've added a new "Contact" layout that shows all contact info on the map with a slight opacity. Another new layout now allows you to include your contact address without showing the map

    Main Websites Panel

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