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Latest Updates 08/12/16

Please find below the list of updates:

New! Action Buttons

  • A new great tool that enables you to add two redirect buttons on your website's menu. Great to use if you want a quick and important redirect to a specific section on your site.

New! Websites Password Access

  • If you ever wanted to limit access to specific members only, this great feature is the answer. This addition is an excellent way to keep your site "Private".

New! 301 Redirect Tool

  • Now you can redirect your old website’s URL to your new site built with SITE123 without losing your existing SEO efforts.
    Enjoy a great new website combined with your past success.

New! Download APP

  • This great addition will allow you to add a quick download link to your app. Whether it's on the App Store, Google Play, or anywhere else, add your application links for download.

Multiple Upload Images 

  • A great feature that enables you to add multiple images to each product you managed in your store.

New! More Currencies

  • We have added more new currencies to store with the likes of Kuwaiti Dinar, Tunisian Dinar, Tanzanian Shilling and others.

Promo - Redirect button

  • We have added the option to scroll to a particular module (page) instead of only to redirect to a page. We have also added the option to add two buttons instead of only one.

New Plugin!

  • - See how visitors are using your website, collect user feedback and turn more visitors into customers.

  • Linkedin Ads - Remarketing code - Build your brand, raise awareness and generate leads with LinkedIn.

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