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Latest Updates 13/11/16

Please find below the list of updates:

Homepage Layout

  • We have re-designed and simplified the editing of the Homepage Tab.
    With new Homepage Layout and Homepage style tools, now you can choose from different ready-made layouts and then easily set the style for each. We removed the extra design tab on homepage and now all editing is made in the same place.

New! Form Layout on Homepage

  • We have added the option to choose “Form” on Homepage and now you can use it to build a landing page or just make your homepage convert better.
    Simply go to Homepage Layout and pick one of the Contact Form layouts.

Buttons on Homepage

  • Now you can scroll down to any section of the site instead of just the first module.
    Simply choose the “scroll down type” and choose the specific page from the “scroll down to” list.

New! 30 More New Styles

  • We have added 30 new styles (color palette) to the design tab. Now you have many new color options to choose from -- easily in a click. Try them out! They are all available in the free plan and you might find the exact colors that you were looking for.

Affiliates Program

  • Now you can make money with SITE123.
    We have just launched a new Affiliates Program which enables anyone to increase their passive income and earn $50-$182 from each deal.
     Simply Sign up for free to our Affiliates Program, grab your unique affiliate link (supported by 15 languages and SID codes) or use our designed affiliate banners and start promoting worldwide. Click here to learn more about SITE123’s Affiliates Program.

New Layouts

  • We have created brand new layout options for the Blog, Customers,Team and Testimonials Modules. Learn more about each one below.

Team Module - New Layouts! 

  • Presenting your team on your site is a great way to create credibility. Check our newly designed Team layouts.

Blog Module - New Layout!

  • We have added a new Blog layout with one big main image on one side and small images on the other side. That way, the latest post will always be bigger then the rest and it will help you highlight your most recent post.

Customers Module - New Layout!

  • We have added a new Customers layout and now you can show all your customers in one section without a slider. It can help you build great credibility and social proof.

Team Module - New Layout!

  • A new Team module was added. It is designed with bigger images and centers all team members.

Team Module - New Layout!

  • Present your best reviews and testimonials with a new and unique Testimonials layout. This layout has a smaller section for each testimonial, therefore it enables you to present many testimonials in one page.

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