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Latest Updates 20/02/17

Please find below the list of updates:

New! 69 languages to create your website!

  • As part of the growing demand from customers all around the globe, we are now offering 69 different languages to build your website. Just signup and choose your local language.

New! Category / Drop-down Menu

  • Create different categories which will be shown as a drop-down menu on your website. This great feature enables you to group some pages under a specific category for a better navigation.

New! Set Page on Footer

  • With the existing options of setting a page “on Menu” and/or “on Homepage”, now you can also choose “on Footer” to locate specific pages only on your website’s lower section.

New! App Market

  • Amazing addition to the system. 14 new apps including Booking, Stores, Events, Forms, Calendars, etc to embed directly to your site. More new apps will be added on a weekly basis.

New! Form Builder

  • A new fantastic Form Builder tool now can be used to create forms on your website and collect specific data from your users by setting custom fields and various options.

New! Address on Menu option

  • We’ve added a new menu option of showing your address which will also open the address in Google maps for quick navigation.

New! Add Sub-domain

  • Now you can connect a sub-domain to your website.

New! Auto reply on contact us

  • We added an auto-reply option for every form on your website. Now you can set a specific auto-reply message to let your customers know that the message was received.

Free Royalty Image Gallery

  • More than 150K new amazing images has been added to our free image library which can be used on your website for free. We also added 45 new categories to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need.

New Mobile Design

  • We upgraded the mobile design and functionality on all existing and new layouts. Now it's much easier to navigate in the menu, and it also includes a better presentation of the menu options and the action buttons.

New Website’s Layouts

  • An extra four "bottom menu" and three "top menu" layouts have been added with some very unique and interesting structures. Check it out!

Design improvements

  • A small "Fade Up" animation has been added to all the pages in the website to make your site looks cool and modern. We also redesigned all the pop-up windows of the pages such as menu options.

Homepage Layout with SEARCH bar

  • Show the search bar tool directly on your website’s homepage.

Store Images Zoom-in tool

  • Showcase your quality products with the “Zoom-in” tool that we have added to the images in the store.

Customers module - External Url

  • Create a direct external link to your customers website, and create credibility and trust.

Redirect New Window option

  • We added the option of Redirect New Window to all the redirect buttons (Homepage, Promo, Action Buttons).

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