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Latest Updates 23/08/16

Please find below the list of updates:

New! Plugins System

  • We have launched a new Plugins system that enables you to integrate 3rd party services to your website. The plugins are divided into 4 sections including Analytics Tools (Google analytics, Facebook pixel and Google remarketing tag by Google Adwords), Live Support Chat plugins to help you establish the connection with your customers through chat on-line, Marketing Tools and Webmaster Tools such as Bing, Google and Yandex.

NEW! Inside Page Headers 

  • New Inside Page Headers are now available including the option of showing the homepage on all Inside Pages.

NEW! Menu Options

  • A Search tool can now be added in the website’s menu to help visitors find the info they need quickly.
  • You can now enable Social Media icons in the Website’s Menu to make it clear you can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more…  
  • The option to add a clickable phone icon to the website’s menu was added as well, to make it easier for your customers to contact you.
    Watch our new menu options here.


  • Once you set a unique domain to your site, the system will automatically redirect the sub-domain to your unique domain. It will improve SEO in all PRO websites.
  • Now users can set the Homepage TITLE
  • If the website type is set as a single-page, then all the inner pages will be added to the sitemap for better indexing.


  • We improved the Gallery Module and now it’s easier to sort the images and create new categories.
  • A number of new, spectacular image gallery templates have been uploaded to the Gallery module.

Mailing List

  • In addition to the site’s footer, the mailing list subscription box is now available in the Promo module too.

Social Media

  • In addition to the footer and contact pages, social media icons are now available in the Promo module.


  • From now on, store owner can add a longer description to each product.
  • Donation mechanism has been optimized and detached from the general store flow and now the number of steps between the Donation button and the payment is much shorter.
  • The site owner can now configure preset amounts for donation.

General Updates

  • Site search has been added to the system - it is incorporated in the Promo module and can now be displayed anywhere in your website.
  • Advanced text editor has been added to the About module - now you can align and format text in this page.
  • The process of starting a new website has been slightly updated - all templates are now categorized and divided into a number of thematic categories.

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